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this is the right place for you if …

  • Your Character is important to you, you are open-minded, willing to bring value to our World by helping people in need.

  • You haveHigh Integrity and Ethics in Business and in your Personal Life.

  • You have aTech Startup, between 0-3 years since inception

  • In terms of revenue, you have$0, up to to $300.000 ARR (revenue / year)

  • You have previous experience inIT / Technology / Science ( +5 yrs )

  • We are Industry agnostic, because the principles in raising a startup from the ground ar pretty much the same.

the problems you have = we solve

 from my experience, the common problems tech founders face in their early days are:

🚩 focusing on multiple customer profiles, not enough resources to do that

🚩 investing months/years of work on a product idea without customer $validation

🚩 lack of discipline & fear of talking with potential customers & selling to them

🚩 trying to build startups like SpaceX without having $200 million & Elon’s expertise

🚩 losing focus on their business by going all-in in fundraising mode

🚩 lack of persuasive skills in attracting customers, investors, top hires, etc

🚩 procrastinating a lot, ideas without execution = 0

Work Skill

We Craft Elite Digital Businesses.
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App and Web Illustration

App and Web Illustration is a creative process of designing and creating visual representations of digital interfaces. This involves the use of various design.

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is the art of visual storytelling through capturing and creating images for use in advertisements. It involves creative planning, styling, and execution to produce high-quality images that convey a message or promote a product or service.

Web and AppDevelepment

Web and app development is the process of creating digital applications and software for various platforms, such as desktop, mobile, or web. This involves designing, coding, and testing to develop.

Visual IdentityDesign

Visual Identity Design is the process of creating a distinctive brand identity through visual elements such as logos, colors, typography, and graphic design.

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